The Himalayan Environment Livelihood Promotion Society (HELP) is implementing livelihood enhancement through agribusiness program of Uttarakhand Decentralized Watershed Development Project-II (GRAMYA-II) in Pauri Division of Uttarakhand. In July 2018, HELP completed three years of project implementation of the contract.
During the period, the ABSO have been covering two development blocks- Pokhara and Ekeshwar of the district. There are 3142 inhabited villages in the district while 331 villages are uninhabited. Ekeshwar block has 228 inhabited villages while Pokhara block has 123 inhabited villages. 62 GPs and 175 RVs, are selected as per the viability of the agribusiness activities based on availability of irrigation facility, road network and local market. In a phased manner more project’s Revenue Villages have adopted high value crops like Pea, Potato, French bean, Ladyfinger, Broccoli, Onion, Radish, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Tomato, Capsicum, Chilli, Garlic, Ginger and Turmeric. Three FA to formed and 2 have been registered under the Self Reliant Cooperative Act of Uttarakhand. One FA are under registration process. Two Growth centers have been constructed in project area.
Agribusiness Promotion

Detail of Project Area

S. No.UnitUnit officesTotal GPTotal RV
Agribusiness Promotion
Agri-Business Support Organization would like to encourage more spices production in the field as part of future strategy. Under which turmeric production, chilli production, garlic production, onion production, ginger production etc. crops will be given priority. Under the marketing management strategy of agricultural production through Growth Centers, supply chain has been strengthened by connecting farmers and necessary management system has been developed to reach the market and the qualities of efficient market has been developed.
Apart from this, efforts were also made to link the milk production business in the work area. Under this, a milk committee was formed in the project area. This committee is working under the Kshetragarh Multipurpose Autonomous Cooperative Society. Milk committee processing unit was established at Bijorapani (Sanglakoti). Milk is collected from the project villages by the milk committee and from it the Ghee and Cheese are being prepared and sold in the local market.